Practice Valuations

Cutting Edge Dental Practice Valuations

How do you know what your dental practice is worth? A professional valuation of your dental practice is essential if you are contemplating any of the following:

  • Sale of your practice
  • Seeking financing
  • Purchasing insurance
  • Developing an estate plan
  • Partnership agreements

Karpa Dental Brokerage will provide you with a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) who is an expert in valuation. He will give you a thorough, accurate valuation of your dental practice and this will greatly help you assess your practice’s fair market value so that you receive a realistic price for your practice.

The pricing of practice is a complex analysis and requires the use of industry-tested valuation methodologies. There are many factors that go into determining the value of a dental practice– annual revenue, debt to equity ratio, quality of receivables, debt encumbrance, cash flow analysis, age and condition of equipment, lease agreements, reputation, and goodwill, to name a few. No detail is insignificant. At Karpa Dental Brokerage we pay strict attention to the complex factors influencing the assessment of your practice.

The importance of a solid practice valuation cannot be overstated. Making informed decisions is critically important to sellers and buyers alike. You should know what your practice is worth and Karpa Dental Brokerage will refer you to an expert valuator.

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