Frequently Asked Questions When Buying a Dental Pracitce

How Do I Get Started?

Karpa Dental Brokerage has its own listings but also co-brokes with a number of other dental brokers. Search our available listings or call us at Karpa Dental Brokerage office Phone Number 410-935-4066 and we will put you on a call list for when a Practice comes available in your target market.

Once Karpa Dental Brokerage finds a Practice in your target area and a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is a Confidentiality Agreement is signed, we will arrange for a site visit to the practice.

If you decide the Practice is something you want to pursue, Karpa Dental Brokerage will send you 3-year tax returns plus any pertinent documents. If you feel you need some other documents, we will be happy to request them for you.

Why Buy With Karpa Dental Brokerage?

Finding a dental broker, you can trust should be at the forefront when buying a dental practice. It is important that the dental broker you choose has the education, background, and experience necessary to help you complete a legal transaction.

If you have questions, we can easily talk on your level with our experience as practicing dentists and dental brokers.

What is Karpa Dental Brokerage’s Fee?

Karpa Dental Brokerage does NOT charge any fees to the Buyer. ALL commissions paid to Karpa Dental Brokerage are paid by the Seller at settlement.

Do I Need to Visit Karpa Dental Brokerage‘s Office?

No, it is not necessary to visit our office; however, it would be a good idea to have a meeting with you at your office or a restaurant to develop a personal relationship. It allows us to answer questions you may have that were not answered during our telephone conversation.

How Do We Find Bankers and Attorneys?

We work with many Healthcare Bankers and attorneys. It is almost imperative for your own protection that you use bankers and attorneys who work with healthcare regularly. Karpa Dental Brokerage will refer you to the best.

How Long Will it Take to Close the Transaction?

Obviously, every transaction is different, but it can close in 30 days or as long as 60 days however the average is 45 days. Not only are you working with the Seller but also with. third parties such as lenders, attorneys, and landlords. Karpa Dental Brokerage will help you through this process to assure a smooth and seamless transaction.

We suggest that multi-tasking and working on all aspects of the transaction at the same time to close the transaction more quickly.

Ready to Buy or Sell A Dental Practice?

Call us: 410-935-4066