Buyer Representation

Cutting Edge Buyer Representation

Are you ready to own your own dental practice?  Purchasing a dental practice could be the single, most significant decision of your career.  Karpa Dental Brokerage can help you locate the right dental practice and navigate the complex transaction process.

Our buyers’ services include:

  • Demographics analysis
  • Practice analysis
  • 100% Financing
  • Documentation assessment
  • Negotiation

With more than 35 years experience as the owner of a dental practice, Dr. Karpa understands the intricacies of this unique kind of practice.  He and his  associates are expertly qualified to walk you through the myriad of important decisions that you will face when contemplating or finalizing this significant purchase.

Place your confidence in a dental professional.  With Karpa Dental Brokerage on your team, you will have the benefits of expertise and attention to detail that will ensure a smooth and favorable transaction.